December 3-5, 2019

Boston, MA


Pioneering the next generation of genetically modified oncolytic viruses to improve frontline cancer therapies in combination

With the approval of T-Vec de-risking the oncolytic virus industry, investment and interest in this exciting space is growing. However, several hurdles remain. The Annual Oncolytic Virotherapy (OV) Summit is the industry focused summit dedicated to overcoming these difficulties to achieve translational success.

The OV Summit focuses on 3 key aspects of development:

1. Successful Late stage Clinical Development: Connect with experts that have been through late stage development of oncolytic viruses to understand the key challenges and lessons learnt. Learn how to translate an academic, early stage product into commercial therapeutics ready for large scale clinical trials.

2. Improve Treatment Efficacy with Combination Therapies: Maximize the potential for using oncolytic viruses in combination by discussing combinations with; adoptive cell therapy, DNA damage response drugs, current frontline cancer therapies and many more strategies for rational combinations to enhance the efficacy of treatments.

3. Ensure Commercial Scale Manufacturing: With limited external expertise and expensive options to build in house facilities, the industry needs to invest early to grow and develop commercial grade GMP facilities. Experts will share with you their case studies, capabilities and future strategies to ensure the commercial viability of oncolytic viruses to meet patient demand.

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