December 5-6th, 2018

Boston, MA


Key Takeaway’s

With oncolytic virotherapies becoming big news recently with transgene and randox signing a collaboration to develop innovative multifunctional oncolytic virotherapies for solid tumors, the reolysin combo given to the 1st patient in phase 1 trial for relapsing myeloma and news that amgen’s imlygic doubles response rate when added to checkpoint therapy all in the last… Read more

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Enhancing the clinical efficacy of oncolytic virotherapies through genetic engineering, combination strategies and streamlining delivery of therapeutics to patients in need. The Oncolytic Virotherapy Summit will gather the leaders in immuno-oncolytic virus development to discuss the most up-to-date clinical advances alongside novel innovations being made through the genetic modification of viruses. Map out the route… Read more

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