Optimize the Immune Response to Cancer with Viral Vehicles.

Now in its 5th year, the Oncolytic Virotherapy Summit is the industry’s definitive guide to turning viral vehicles into clinically effective therapeutics across oncology indications. With 3 days of in-depth cutting-edge case studies and the highest calibre of industry discussions, The OV Summit will provide the roadmap to oncolytic virotherapy success.

Hear from pharma and biotech companies of all sizes, as well as clinicians and leading academics for a complete picture of the current challenges and opportunities. Discover the development of oncolytic viruses that engage the immune system for long-term treatment and management of cancers.

This year’s Summit will help you to:

  • Harness the unique activity of warming up tumours for improved patient prognosis
  • Advance therapies with innovative clinical trial design
  • Scale virus production for commercialization

This year, over 100 drug developers will converge at The OV Summit to disseminate the latest findings, build a comprehensive network of like-minded peers who share the same challenges and search for the latest combination and genetic engineering strategies.

Join the leading minds in Oncolytic Virus development to optimize the development of viral immunotherapies and improve patient outcomes in combination therapies.

The next generation of Oncolytic Virotherapies will be born at The OV Summit 2019.


"Great opportunity to mingle with the key players in the field of Oncolytic Virotherapy and learn from the experts!"

Tooba Cheema, Director - Translational Medicine & Biomarkers, Oncorus


"The oncolytic virotherapy summit is a great mixture of researchers and early to late companies. To visit the meeting gives a good overview of leading as well as upcoming oncolytic viruses, and a view on the current advantages and hurdles within many complex questions within the filed."

Angelica Loskog, CEO, Lokon Pharma