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One Vision for Oncolytic Virotherapy


The Oncolytic Virotherapy Summit is back for its fifth year as the only conference to bring together industry leaders, clinicians and academic experts focused on finding an effective immuno-oncology.

Over 3 days packed with compelling case studies, diverse panels and varied networking opportunities, you’ll glean insights from industry and academic leaders. The 2019 agenda will reflect the strides taken by the community over the past year as well as forming the future of oncolytic virus development.


Hands-on Workshops

We believe in practical learning and nothing champions this better than our 3 hour workshops. This year’s workshops will cover everything from designing an internal manufacturing system to the translation of paediatric oncology treatment.


Diverse Discussions

Our panels bring together multi-specialty, cross background professionals to discuss the biggest challenges faced by the industry and discover the solution together. Panels for 2019 will include:

    • Intra-tumoural vs Intra-venous Administration
    • Blueprint for a Successful Combination Therapy Clinical Trial
    • Comparing European and US Legislation
    • Viral Vehicle Comparison


Compelling Case Studies and Clinical Trial Read-outs

OV provides a forum for leaders to share the newest advancements in virus development for oncology. 2019 case studies will include:

    • Comparative Oncology in Domesticated Canines and Humans
    • Non Invasive Monitoring and Imaging of Viral Gene Expression
    • Technology Steered Dosage
    • Encouragement of Patient Participation and Retention in Clinical Trials


Productive Networking

From constructive conversations over coffee and croissants to dextrous discussions over drinks, our varied networking program has something for everyone. Join over 100 of your peers at OVD’s networking sessions including:

  • Speed networking

Establish meaningful business connections at a rapid rate. Efficiency at its finest.

  • Lunch seminars

Maximise productivity by pairing food with food-for-thought at the optional lunchtime seminars.

  • Speed learning

Roundtable discussions like you’ve never seen them before. Uncover the story behind four fibrotic therapeutic developments in one quick-fire session.

  • Evening reception poster session

Constructive conversations over cocktails and canapés to the backdrop of posters..

  • End of conference wrap up roundtables

10 tables, 10 problems, 10 solutions. Ready, set, resolve!


Join us for all of this and more at Oncolytic Virotherapy 2019 – where the next generation of OVs will be born.